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Postby weedman on Sat Feb 02, 2008 11:19 pm

Freshbytes Rules

Numbers listed are classified as 'Clauses'. Don't ask me why, some smart guy decided to make a good word for sections.

1. Treatment
Treat others with the same respect and dignity that you would treat people you know in person.

2. Respect and Positivity
Extend your respect to the whole community by making quality (informative, funny, interesting etc.) posts and threads after carefully searching the forums (I don't know how good or bad the search function is, sorry!), keeping the community's standards high and the feeling positive and helpful. Please don't interpret the last line as a call to get the community 'high', that's not the idea nor what we mean.

3. Your Experience
Take your freshbytes experience in a positive light, even when people are negative and unhelpful. If they are negative on a regular basis, report them!

4. The Rules of the Trade(ing post)
Trade. Trade nicely, and kindly. Freshbytes will not reimburse you monies if you lose any to a rogue trader (we were not involved in the transaction). It's your risk to take. And please don't think that you can take these issues up with the school (Calvin). Read Clause 6 for more information. Only "Regulars" - members with 100 posts and more than 60 days membership - can use the Trading Forum. Selling is only permitted to established members of the community. This requires that you've already made at least 100 quality posts to the forums and have been a member for at least 2 months. We do check your previous posts. People who sign up just to sell something can go elsewhere (ebay maybe?). There is a good chance that you will be trading with good, well known people. If they fail to pay you/hand over the goods, then we *can* try and hounder them until they cough up. If us admins fail to do this, then complain heavily.

5. Warez/Torrents
Posting links to Warez sites/files is not permitted. It is unnecessary, and the Warez sites are usually full of ads and porn. We do not like either on this site. Torrents, on the other hand, are allowed to be discussed in its' special sub-forum. We request that you do not directly link to .torrent files AND/OR discuss your own torrenting habits. This is to protect YOU (and US!), from those nasty RIAA and MPAA people out there in the world wide web. The proper way to share a torrent is to link to a torrent tracker (The Pirate Bay, Mininova, IsoHunt), and suggest some search terms to find the torrent. Copyright sucks, in my opinion, so we aren't going to tell you what to torrent, and what to not (email me, weedman, and I'll tell you what I've torrented). TPB FTW!

6. The Rights of Freshbytes
First and foremost, we take *no responsibility* for anything that is posted here on the freshbytes forum. If you are the victim of bulling on the forum, then report them straight away. We *will* take action. Please make it known that neither Calvin Christian School (CCS) nor Christian Schools Tasmania (CST) authorised this forum, so you can't complain through Calvin if you have an issue. Calvin has no authority over this site. However, if a situation is serious enough, we will report it to Calvin. It is no good talking to your parents if you become stuck in a situation on the forum. They cannot call Calvin to request action, however, you may talk to the admin directly at school about any issues you have.

7. Copyright & School work
There is next-to-no copyright here. If someone has posted something original (like a story, song or something), then the copying of that work without permission is illegal. In regards to world-wide copyright for other works (like music, programs etc.), we don't care. I, weedman, specifically *HATE* USA copyright law. Copying is fun, but please respect the other users of this forum and their creative works.
We *will not* do your homework/assignments for you. We will, if you ask nicely, give you pointers for an assignment (if we have done something similar/can remember it). Feel free to ask other members of the forum for pointers too!

Other than the above pointers, we don't believe that forums should have rules, as we reckon that people don't need instructions on how to behave towards each other, so common-sense and common-decency rules apply. However, since that isn't always obvious enough for some, here is a list of things that, over time, we've decided are:

Specifically not permitted:

* Abusive or inflammatory messages of any kind, whether in posts or PM's. Inflammatory posts are OK in the Rants/Raves section, but be careful!
* Pointless and unnecessary posts. They will be deleted.
* Posting to get your post count up. It's very obvious and we'll happily reset your post count to zero and/or put you on moderation.
* Posting twice in a row. A common mistake, please edit your post instead. Since "multi-quote" is broken, if you need to quote more than one post, we're forgiving on this.
* Posting another thread on the same topic. Eg: cross-posting in different forums, for example or starting a new thread when you had one before. Use your existing thread instead. Especially if you're asking for help, it's very hard for people to keep track of multiple threads on the same issue.
* Pornographic, racist or any other derogatory material (like you need to be told that). If you want to discuss controversial topics in the Rants and Raves section, you can, but be polite. If it's making you angry, just don't read it. More than one person has been banned multiple times for getting riled up and posting abuse in Rants and Raves topics. Don't be next, like myself (weedman).
* Advertising, selling or self-promotion of any kind, whether it be eBay sales, your new web site, your software or your business. If you've signed up just to get traffic to your site or sale, you can go elsewhere. However, if you have made software at home, then post it up here! We want to see it!
* Group buys. It sounds like a great idea at the time, but the amount of hassle is 100x greater than you think. See if a business is interested in arranging it instead. Some of us (BENNY!) have done this in the past.
* Ignoring the express wishes or requests of moderators or admins. We are very nice people and always happy to help, but likewise are also intolerant of bad attitude.

Failure to comply with the above rules will result in a three step process: Warning 1, Warning 2 + On Moderation Queue, and finally, banning of the offender.

Remember, we’re here to help, so if you see/hear of anything that concerns you or contradicts the rules, please contact one of the Administrators. We will probably break some of these rules at some time. Give us flak for that.

Have fun!
Chris (weedman) and Benny (bennyling),
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