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Postby weedman on Sat Feb 02, 2008 11:22 pm

Freshbytes FAQ

Firstly, if you have NEVER used a forum before, please consult the Forum FAQ, you can find it here. If you ask nicely, either one of the Admins will be able to give you a more personal, one-on-one training.

Q: Where do I post my topic?
A: If you're not sure where to post, pick the main subject of your inquiry and and decide on that. First, search the forum to see if there isn't already a thread about exactly the same thing. Second, check the sticky threads at the top of forums to see if it isn't one of the very popular topics. If you haven't found any existing thread or your discussion is too new (ie: the thread you found is too old or out-of-date) or different to an existing thread, decide if you're asking about software or hardware then have a look in the forum you think it goes to see if there are similar topics. Make sure that you use a good title, eg: not just "Help!" but something that summarises your thread very well, such as: “Printer not working when connected to computer”. If all else fails, post it in the 'Beverage Couch', and us admins will move it to the correct place if necessary.

Q: Is there a place I can sell my computer/parts here?

A: Only "Regulars" - members with 100 posts and more than 60 days membership - can use the Trading Forum. As stated in the Trading Forum Rules, "1. Selling is only permitted to established members of the community. This requires that you've already made at least 100 quality posts to the forums and have been a member for at least 2 months. We do check your previous posts. People who sign up just to sell something can go elsewhere." This is due to previous problems with people signing up, and because they aren't involved in the community, they don't care about being unreliable when sending goods they have taken money for.

Q: I've sent money to someone for something being sold in the Trading Forum but I haven't received it. Have I been ripped off? What do I do?
A: First, give the seller some time to send the item. Drop them a line with a polite "How are things going? I thought I'd see where you were at with sending X." If all reasonable attempts to get in touch with the seller aren't happening, PM bennyling or weedman. Though freshbytes disclaims any responsibility for the result of anything in the trading forum, we're happy to help out if there's a problem.

Q: Can I post a thread about or advertise my business or web site in the forum?

The short answer is no. When you walk into a community with the first intent of promoting yourself, it goes down very badly. You end up with a choice between having the thread closed or being flamed, sometimes both. Considering the above, there are a number of people and businesses in the forums who are well known - both having their trading name and information in their signatures, so it's not as if people are absolutely discouraged from linking to their business. They do contribute to the community and have participated for a long time and are sure not to do anything which people might consider inappropriate regarding promoting their business.

Q: I posted a thread/made a post but it's disappeared. Where has it gone?
To keep things organised, sometimes threads get moved, sequential posts by the same person get merged and threads get merged with existing threads on the same topic. Threads often get renamed for clarity if required. It's understandable if this causes confusion. It is also fairly likely that this won't happen much. I mean, since when does a database lose data? (those who know database managers, please don't answer that.)

It's important to search the forums for similar topics, links and the like, as well as having a look around the forums to work out where your thread goes before posting one. As well, for the benefit of others, please consider the constructiveness of posts as pictured above before posting. Take your time to add quality to the community.

To find posts you have made, go to the index (home) page. Click on the 'View your Posts' link on the same line as the 'User Control Panel' link. At the top of every forum page are links to the forum you are currently in.

Duplicate, offensive, warez related (in violation of clause 5 of the rules), spam, those breaching the Trading Forum rules (violation of clause 4) or other posts or threads deemed inappropriate are deleted. Deleted threads or posts are marked as such in the thread or forum they were posted in.

Q: Can I change my username?
Yes. Please send a PM (Personal Message) to bennyling with the user name you'd like to change to.

Q: Can you delete my account?
No. If you don't wish to use freshbytes any longer, just stop logging in. We don't delete accounts as it doesn't delete your user name nor the threads and posts you've created anyway. You know, we could test how the database reacts to a user deletion if you want. Thanks to the wonder of Free & Open Source Software, we won't have Clippy popup when we go to delete your user from the database. Nor do we have this thing hosted on Vista, so we don't need to spend half an hour clicking through the UAC prompts. The deletion will be clean and shift, and if you expect sympathy from us, then you won't get it. (Just joking people, we won't delete you from the database *ever*. We *are* nice guys, aren't we?)

If there is anything else you wish to know about, either post a topic or PM or email us (the admins)

Have More Fun!
Chris (weedman) and Benny (bennyling),
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